--> Time to Smile!
Time to Smile!
I hope what you see will make you smile!

Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 95 / S E B A S T I A N !


all I cared about was Rin’s bangs and cleavageimage


Part of Child Kagehina and Married Daisuga Free paper real shot!!!!!!!!!


Representa un capitulo de High speed … pobre Makoto u.u

PD:No recuerdo al autor y aun menos a quien lo traducio, si alguien sabe porfavor aviseme


I NEVER KNEW HOW BADLY I NEEDED HAIKYUU!! RULE 63 UNTIL I DREW ONE. and I should be working, working on important stuff

but there was no escape, my hand was drawing uncontrollably 

also a little bonus with managers which I was too tired to finish: